What is this?

This is a jeopardy-style CTF (Capture-the-flag) competition. If you do not know what a CTF is, please have a look at this.

UGR Hackiit CTF rules:

  • Enjoy!
  • Find a hidden flag in every challenge. When you find it, submit in the format: hackiit_flag{flag}.
  • You have only 5 attempts for the flag submission in each challenge. If you have problems when submitting your flag contact with an administrator in our telegram group.
  • We will release some hints for the solution of specific challenges during the competition. Accessing a hint will reduce your reward once the flag is submitted.
  • New challenges will appear during the competition. Stay in touch.
  • The first 5 participants that solve a challenge will obtain more points than the rest. Be quick and solve them soon.
  • Be responsible. It is completely forbidden to attack CTF infrastructure. Brute force attacks are also prohibited. We will ban every attack attempt and you will be disqualified.

Hackiit Team